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2010 Quality in Construction for Heckscher Drive

May 2011

Lanham, MD – The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) announced today that Duval Asphalt Products Inc. of Jacksonville, Fla., has won a 2010 Quality in Construction Award for excellence in construction of an asphalt pavement. The company received its award on Wednesday, February 9, at a special awards breakfast during the Association’s 56th Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla.

The Quality in Construction Awards recognize asphalt pavements of excellence. “NAPA selects the recipients of its paving awards using a known set of standards that have been shown to give a good result,” commented Larry H. Lemon, 2010 Chairman of the NAPA Board of Directors. “This award demonstrates the high quality of work that the asphalt industry is achieving.”

Duval Asphalt Products won the award for the mill and overlay of Heckscher Drive from New Berlin Road to Blount Island Drive in Duval County. The existing four-lane road, built through a saltwater marsh, had settled in several areas, causing a rollercoaster effect. The road originally had over a dozen straightedge deficiencies but after the company milled the pavement and repaved it with Superpave hot-mix asphalt there were corrected. Traffic control was a challenge, since the job included the entrance to a port facility with a high volume of truck traffic. The company coordinated with the Port Authority to maintain a constant flow of traffic to and from the port.