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Environmental Stewardship

warm mix asphalt is the latest in green technology


Duval Asphalt is always seeking to use products, processes and methodologies that help us and our customers save energy, conserve natural resources, and accomplish more with fewer environmental impacts.

America’s most recycled product.

Many do not realize it, but asphalt is the sustainable material for constructing pavements.  From production to placement, rehabilitation and reclamation, asphalt pavements minimize impact on the environment.

At Duval Asphalt environmental stewardship has always been a top priority.  Both of our plant locations are rigorously cleaned, maintain, and beautifully landscaped with more than 100 palm trees and other native vegetation.  We have received more than a dozen Ecological Awards from NAPA over the years for our efforts to maintain clean, environmentally sensitive and beautiful facilities.

Warm mix

Duval Asphalt is proud to be the first and only provider of Warm-Mix Asphalt (WMA) in Northeast Florida.

People, businesses, government agencies, and entire industries are changing their ways in order to reduce their impact on the environment.  Sustainability – the use of resources that allows us to meet the needs of the present while providing for the needs of future generations – is the primary goal.

As the United States goes green, asphalt is keeping pace with the times.  Warm mix is an important step in sustainable development, simultaneously conserving natural resources, reducing the carbon footprint of the industry, and improving the quality of the pavements that Americans rely on.

Duval Asphalt installed the Astec, Inc. Double Barrel® Green System at our 12th Street Plant in 2008 and the Gencor Green Machine Ultrafoam GX™ System at our Philips Highway Plant in early 2009.  These warm mix asphalt systems generate mix at a lower temperature, thereby reducing fuel consumption by 14% and virtually reducing the emissions that are generally associated with conventional hot mix asphalt. The end result is warm-mix asphalt that is virtually odorless, smokeless, and potentially longer-lasting.

For more information:

colorful frog illustrates green asphalt technologyMore information on WMA can be found at, the official site of the Federal Highway Administration’s Warm-Mix Asphalt Technical Working Group.

Asphalt Pavements and the LEED Green Building System

LEED® Credits: Green Asphalt