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Welcome to Duval Asphalt


Changing the way you look at asphalt.

Duval Asphalt, a locally owned company, has served Northeast Florida longer than any other asphalt contractor in the area.

From manufacturing to paving, sealcoat to repair, Duval Asphalt has delivered the right mix of experience and reliability to meet and exceed our customers’ asphalt needs.

Built on a tradition of quality and customer service, many people have turned to Duval Asphalt for their asphalt solutions.

More than 50 years of service is your guarantee of quality.

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Did you know Duval Asphalt offers grading services?

$2,500* per day flat rate or $1.85/SY – Finish Grade Parking Lot $1.40/SY – Finish Grade Roadway $1.25/SY – Cut Sub-Grade & Spread rock *Mobilization Fee: $800 *Projects under 5,000/SY are flat rate fee Benefits of Grading / Paving Packages – Eliminates Asphalt Over-runs – Eliminates Cross Slope Issues – Minimizes Arguing Points


Help Patyn Beat Cancer!

Meet Patyn Nowak!  This charming 17 year old girl is the oldest daughter of Duval Asphalt employee, Bill Nowak.  March 2015 forever changed the trajectory of Patyn’s life. What started out as a routine eye exam, quickly turned into the discovery that she had an orange-sized tumor pressing against her brain.  Two long surgeries later,…